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From small to large organizations we realized projects.

Sometimes as independent advisor, to help organizations to make the right decisions, in other cases delivering a full solution.

We always go the extra mile, using our proven tools, methodology and software stack specialized in IoT, analytics and big data.

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Antwerp Property Management
managing over 50+ locations

"We have a lot of locations to manage, some of them temporary, some of them mobile. Our job is to satisfy our customer and let him live/work in a comfortable / healthy and environmental friendly environment.  OBJECTSconnected delivered us sensors, field technicians, helped us to speak with vendors of our legacy point-solutions and many more. We are using their platform, reports with drilldown capabilities, we even know before our customers calls us, what we need to do sometimes even before it happens!"

Smart grid

"OBJECTSconnected helped us to investigate how connected devices can help us to balance our future grid network. The delivered :the sensors, platform, tools, IT and management skills to make our project a success !"

Insurance Company
Belgium Insurance Company

"We were looking for an EA architect to help us with our digital vision on how to do ‘customer specific pricing’, this is where OBJECTSconnected came into the picture. We didn’t expected to have from them such a broad expertise starting from sitting together with our marketing people to have a good view on what to do , what we can use to set our pricing, what to use as sensors, how to secure it, privacy EU regulations, GDPR,  story to our customer ‘what’s in it for them?’  and many more !  "

Smart city planning
Smart City project - Public Sector - 8,5 Milj citizen

"Thanks to OBJECTconnected it became clear how we had to implement our business case. They helped us to pick the right sensor and communication protocol. Even helped out how we had to build our system for the sensors We have saved a lot of money by doing the right things from the first time."

World player manufacturing/shipping
7000 employees, 5.5 Milj metric ton

"OBJECTSConnected allowed us to optimize our processes. In such a way we were able to do more with the same number of people.
Our manufacturing process is better under control, for a price way under classical SCADA systems."

Smart farming & aquaponics / urban farming

"At our farm we were looking for an optimization solution, reducing our costs and optimizing our profit. This solution had to incorporate our existing system but also allows us to add more cheap sensors to transform more to a digital-dashboard-farm. This is were OBJECTSconnected stepped in, helping us to digital transform, giving us insights what’s possible for a small investment and scale up later. At our farm we also like to experiment with new ‘farming’ trends, it’s here OBJECTSconnected stepped in with their aquaponics knowledge, helping us to create or first closed system.   


Your business case

We have experience in different sectors. Our experts are trained to find the right sport were to implement this technology. How does it fit in your current application landscape and many more.

Focus on value creation

We have toolkits and ready to do platforms available to kickstart your business case. This allow you to focus on your business case and not on the technical aspects of IOT


We integrate data from sensors / machines / electric KWH meters your CRM system or other systems inside your organization. Even mobile applications are part of the options.

Sensor shop

We offer off-the-shelf sensors, but we can build your specific sensor.

We are OBJECTconnected


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What we do

We are a Belgian firm working since 10y+ on IoT related projects.

Smart Objects are already all around us, providing businesses new opportunities and challenges.
We provide you IoT consulting and advisory services including process improvement experts, business case analysis as well as the support to implement IoT / Industry 4.0 technology in your organization with products / technologies on the market or custom build solutions. We provide end to end services from architecture to development till project management and supplier selection.

Especially for industry/facilities/utilities/smart city we bring the knowledge on how to benefit from IoT/Industry 4.0  

We integrate with MES(Manufacturing Execution Systems), WMS(Warehouse Management Systems),WCS(Warehouse Control Systems),BAS (Building Automation System) , SAP, ERP, Machines at large, vehicles …  allowing you to have a 360° data view on your organization. Delivering you a real-time digital vision on your organisation enriched with data from sensors.

Predictive maintenance, process optimization, data integration, real time digital plant … is part of our broad knowledge of IoT/Industry 4.0.

We Create IoT Ideas - Use Case Finding

Strategic advice, use-case experts in finding your opportunity, technical expertise and prototyping abilities to help you turn concepts into tangible products. We have an proven approach already used in many organizations to help innovation projects to deliver.

IoT Independent Advisory

OBJECTSconnected, already helped organizations throughout the world, but especially in BENELUX with implementing their ‘internet of things’ platform.

We are independent in our solutions. You are looking to iot-points solutions, seeing vendors of your machines, using on market platforms we are there to provide you the required insights on how to use the technology and how to make your requirement list.

Solution development & Sensor Build

We build your solution if required, we have experts ranging from BigData/Analytics - Network - Security and Development in all major technologies.

We have a large set of sensors you can use off-the-shelf. If you cannot find one matching your needs? No worries we can build it for you. Ranging from Wifi, LoRa & LoRaWan , Zigbee, Sigfox, bluetooth, NB-IoT  and many more ...

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