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Smart Grid

OBJECTSconnected assisted us in investigating how connected devices can aid in the balancing of our future grid network.
The sensors, platform, tools, IT, and management skills were delivered to ensure the success of our project!"

Property Management

managing more than 50 locations
"We have a lot of locations to manage, some of which are temporary and some of which are mobile.
Our job is to satisfy our customers and provide them with a comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly environment in which to live/work.
OBJECTSconnected provided us with sensors, field technicians, and assistance in communicating with vendors of our legacy point-solutions, among other things.
We use their platform, reports with drilldown capabilities, and we even know what we need to do before our customers call us, sometimes even before it happens!"


"We were able to optimize our processes thanks to OBJECTSConnected.
We were able to accomplish more with the same number of people in this manner.

Our manufacturing process is more controlled, and at a lower cost than traditional SCADA systems."

Smart farming & aquaponics / urban farming

"We were looking for an optimization solution to reduce costs and maximize profit at our farm.
This solution had to incorporate our existing system while also allowing us to add more inexpensive sensors to further transform the farm into a digital-dashboard-farm.
This is where OBJECTSconnected came in, assisting us in our digital transformation by providing insights into what is possible with a small investment and later scaling up.
We like to experiment with new 'farming' trends at our farm, which is where OBJECTSconnected stepped in with their aquaponics knowledge, assisting us in creating our first closed system."

Smart city planning

Smart City project - Public Sector - 8,5 Milj citizen

"Thanks to OBJECTconnected it became clear how we had to implement our business case. They helped us to pick the right sensor and communication protocol. Even helped out how we had to build our system for the sensors We have saved a lot of money by doing the right things from the first time."

Insurance Company

Insurance Company in Belgium
"We were looking for an EA architect to assist us with our digital vision for 'customer specific pricing,' which is where OBJECTSconnected came in.
We didn't expect such a wide range of expertise from them, starting with sitting down with our marketing people to get a good idea of what to do, what we can use to set our pricing, what to use as sensors, how to secure it, privacy EU regulations, GDPR, story to our customers about 'what's in it for them?' and many more!"

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